Fairfox Lodge - Events - Crafts - Wellness

Fairfox Lodge - Events - Crafts - Wellness


Private & Shared Accomodations, Short or Long-Term

The Fox Lodge serves to accommodate guests, residents and volunteers – suited with private and shared rooms, kitchen facilities, bathrooms, common spaces, etc.

Sustainable Future Outlook

As the lodge grows, so will it’s self sufficiency and sophistication, meaning more growing of food, raising of animals, or development of further functions.

We may attract those who are or have been living in communities, whereas Fairfox offers a dynamic approach of guests and residents while also fostering it's pragmatic philosophy of being by doing.

Who Comes to Fairfox?

We are attracting quality individuals who seek to experience life in genuine ways. Our various membership packages offer different levels of engagement: from the more care-free visitor to the more committed craftsperson or resident. All of them include counsil membership, which means a say in the ongoing development of the project.

Fairfox affords a glimpse at what life could be like if one so choses: it is meant to be a source of encouragement to develop oneself authentically. The structure of Fairfox reflects that ongoing opportunity.