Fairfox Lodge - Events - Crafts - Wellness

Fairfox Lodge - Events - Crafts - Wellness


Activities for Body & Mind

Be-Live™ Wellness

We pride ourselves on unique facilities which follow the Be-Live™ principles of holistic self-care. Our facilities are both primary and secondary to what Fairfox is all about: we believe that wellness is a result of authenticity and selfhood. Therefore, each persons' path is inherently unique. Our wellness model is rooted in participatory joy and mind-body balance.

We believe that both active and passive modes of living is key for each person, uniquelly. Our facilities reflect that maxim.

Facilities May Include:

    Outdoor Gym

    Sauna & Ice Plunge

    Martial Arts Dojo

      Climbing Boulder

      Therapeutically, we may offer:

        Bimini™ Oxygen Hydrotherapy

        Lucia Light (hypnagogic light)

        James Biehl