Fairfox Lodge - Events - Crafts - Wellness

Fairfox Lodge - Events - Crafts - Wellness



To do is to be...

We want to live! But what does it mean? To do. To be is to do.

Yet, to be is also not to do. So then what?

Life is harmonious through its' opposites.

Fairfox is a response to the ills of modern life, leading back to ourselves through a balance of being and doing.

The fox is a symbol of clever intelligence,

yet one of humor and sensitivity.

Fairfox offers a unique infrastructure by commingling our members and visitors with unique events, craftsmanship workshops and world-class wellness facilities. This model encourages organic variability -- an indivisible element seen throughout all of creation.

Launched with a spontaneous level of community in mind, Fairfox proclaims the vital necessity of individuals to be self-aware masters of their own fate.

James Biehl